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When I was a little girl, I had a dream of a better life. I was constantly surrounded by bullets, bullying and danger. I felt threatened but didn't realize this was not normal. I grew up living my adult life much in the same way. My adrenals were in constant overdrive pumping adrenalin and cortisol. Stress from work and cycles of abuse were the culprits.

I was addicted to the cycles of hormonal rushes of trauma bonding. What is trauma bonding? It is the sick notion of feeling a false sense of love and being rejected by a narcissist. The narc manipulates the victim by showing signs of affection to only get what they want and then abandoning the victim to suffering. 

The victim wants to be loved and will do anything the narc wants in order to get it. When the first signs of affection show up, the feeling of serotonin is released. When the narc abandons, emotions of not being good enough, blame and shame cause emotional pain. This is the trauma bonding. The victim just wants to be loved.

The solution turns out to be self-love. Loving ourselves completely and wholly is the antidote. The problem is we have been taught that loving ourselves, especially as women is wrong. We should put others first before our own needs is the belief or program.

The good news is that we can change and shift these programs. This is what my book is about. How to help yourself to live the life of your dreams no matter what you are going through. Your dream life is possible if you believe in yourself. LOVE YOURSELF WHOLLY AND COMPLETELY WITH ALL YOUR “FAULTS.”

  • Do you feel stuck in life with no way out?
  • Are you re-living past traumatic thoughts and feelings with no ability to stop?
  • Do you feel like the world is against you?
  • Are you unhappy and full of fear of what might happen in the future?
  • Do you want to find happiness, peace and joy?
  • Get the book to help you heal from past hurts with a step-by-step guide to finally find relief from pain and suffering.

As a domestic violence survivor, I found this book to practical, frank, sensitive, empowering, insightful and highly informative. The author brings hope to those of us who have been victimized. From the opening chapter, I learned more about the deeper, more detailed definitions of abuse, and realized that the relationship I'd just left was far worse than I'd believed. This helped me to assess how much self-healing work I still need to do. I've already been in therapy for four years, and continue to be. This book is the perfect companion for this next leg of my journey now that the victimizer is finally out of my life. I especially appreciate the author's universal spiritual/metaphysical approach, while also providing down to earth, brass tacks guidance for freeing yourself from abuse on all levels. The infusion of her own personal stories and experiences makes the book highly credible. Thank you, Selene Bartolo, for this excellent support tool.
Dr. Imakhu from NJ
A true 💎
Reviewed in the United States on November 10, 2020
This book exceeded my expectations! I have a Nonprofit and Podcast for hope and healing after abuse, and Selene Bartolo provides all the healing tools necessary in one book. It's educational, a true gem, and a must have. I will use it as a reference and will constantly go back to it as a valuable source of healing and information. Selene has lived it, done all the work to heal from it, and is living her best life! She puts it neatly organized in a book to help and bless the world. Thank You!
- Brenda J  Hope be the Cure Podcast
Your Best Life is Still Ahead!
Reviewed in the United States on June 26, 2020
This book is truly coming out at the perfect time. I've met so many people who are currently stuck in the victim mentality, either self-created or actually escaping an abusive situation. It is inspiring to see Selene not only survive but thrive and ultimately help others who need some guidance. I recommend "Live Your Best Life: How to go from surviving to thriving after abuse" 100%. Read this book and you will find the path to your best life.
- Dr. Al from Phoenix
Reviewed in the United States on September 16, 2020
Wow, wow, wow. I was not expecting this book to say what it does and so succinctly. I read tons of self help and self development books and this one actually gives priceless advice along with practical applications. I wish I could shout this from the rootops, this book is a rare gem!
- Candice from Nashville
I have never experience abuse so I was not aware of the different types of abuse. This book is an incredible read that brought awareness to me. This book of wisdom allows me to recognize abuse and gives me the opportunity to help others who may experience it. This book is a must read for everyone because sometimes we endure abuse from people we love without realizing it is abuse.
- Dee from US
This book is so well written but it isn’t easy to read. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a must read, but if you’ve ever suffered any type of abuse, it’s hard to go back there and this book took me back. Selene so poignantly describes the types of abuse that she’s endured, that many of us have. However, if you can get through that part of the book, she eloquently describes the ability to rise from it. It’s taken me some time to get through the book, but I was processing parts of my past as I went, and it was well worth the finish. The tips Selene gives to not only exist, but truly to thrive after many cycles and types of abuse, are invaluable. Well done Selene! I look forward to reading more of your work!!
- Dave from California


Selene dug deep into her own healing, becoming a powerful force of love and light to both herself and others. Every day she continues her relentless journey of self-growth and self-healing, spreading her wisdom and healing to others trapped in the same generational patterns of abuse. She is now the bright light who shows others the way."

Bird Mejia 

Intuitive Healer and Life Coach
Selene is a great example of a true listener, especially when someone is reaching out to her for assistance or mentorship. She really cares about an individual that she is aligned with. You cannot ask for a better mentor than Selene because when you reach out to her she is ALL in, with her heart and mind."

Margaret Balli

Mother of four and grandmother to seven little ones
"At a very low point in my life, Selene appeared. I was unhappy in my marriage. Selene had recently published her book Live Your Best Life & the book gave me strength to make difficult decisions in my life. Through her guidance, I was able to see that I wasn’t happy or getting what I wanted out of life & so I made my decision to divorce & start over. Selene coached and guided me to make decisions that I do not regret."

Catherine Thompson

Coach and mentor
"Making the choice to work with Selene and investing in myself has been the best decision I’ve made in my life so far! I have grown so much in only just a few months in working with her and I am just getting started. She encourages, supports & empowers me through all situations and I always leave our sessions recharged and reminded of the power that I AM."

Krishawn Tillet

Life Astrology Mentor 



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In 2020, two weeks before the pandemic hit, Selene retired from her corporate job. Her plan was to do mortgage lending as a broker but life had other plans. She decided to write this book because she new the message of self-love needed to get out into the world. After a life of cycles of abuse, she had enough and empowered herself to change her life for good.  Her primary goal in life is to help others go from surviving to thriving after abuse. Her secondary goal is to help people build wealth, obtain health and achieve extreme happiness. She started her own business called Selene Life Coach, LLC to make her dreams become a reality. She now travels the world sharing the message of self-love turns into your SUPER HERO strength!


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